Top Window Streamer 6 Pcs. S.Steel (SD)
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Top Window Streamer 6 Pcs. S.Steel (SD)

Special chrome accessories for your car Specific features: The chrome products are produced by special moulding system on the vehicle. The chrome products are produced with category A quality and stainless steel quality A304. The ABS Chrome products are produced as chrome plating on ABS plastic. On the inside of the chrome products a high quality double-sided adhesive tape is attached, so they are ready for fitting. (For wide products a silicone based addition can be applied.)

Stainless Steel products are 5 years under guarantee against rust. With chrome plated ABS products are warranted for 1 year.
Fitting instruction:
Fitting under dust free and dry conditions. After opening the packaging, please check, if the product is suitable for the intended position without releasing the protective surface of the double-sided adhesive tape.
Details: First please clean the surface of the intended position with a solvent like alcohol or cellulosic thinner. Do not use liquids, which includes perfumed cologne water, wet wipes, petrol, etc.. The cleanness of the surface is very important for the fitting process. Fatty or glossy residues should be cleaned until they are solute. If the package includes a primer wipe, which is used for intensifying of the adhesive property, apply it only on the cleaned surface, where the product, especially the double-sided tape, will be bound. Please note not to apply on other positions of the vehicle. (Primer: is a chemical liquid to be applied on plastic surfaces. It should not be used on the painted surface of the vehicle.) The best temperature for the adhesive tape is over 25°C. After solving of the protective adhesive tape surface use a heat source on the tape like a hair-dryer to intensify the adhesive property. After observing all these details fit the product on the intended position at the first occasion. Apply pressure with a dry wipe and ensure the product sticks well. Protect the vehicle from water for 24 hours and do not use high pressured water for 48 hours.